Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Moore & Bertuzzi

The NHL has finally had a hearing over the Moore-hit.

I suppose there was no real hurry thanks to the lock-out, but I do find it a shame that the lack of completion means that Bertuzzi cannot compete in the Worlds. Moore is a Canadian and he is technically responsible for keeping one of our best players from competing. I suppose there are numerous avenues by which one can argue that Moore is not responsible - and I wouldn't bother arguing against their creedence, there is a lot of validity in many of them. But Steve Moore is going to look like the bad-guy here. He's going to look like the guy who kept Bertuzzi off the team. If we do any less than Gold, he's going to take flak.

But again note... someone else - Canuck's lawyer, Michael O'Donnell - thinks that the civil suit is being conducted in the wrong forum. Colorado... it just doesn't make sense. Bertuzzi - Canadian. Moore - Canadian. The incident - Vancouver. The only connection to Colorado is that Moore was an Avalanche player at the time.

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