Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Big Week to be Me

It’s a crazy week. It may even be the most chock-full of changes in my life... no doubt it’s in the running. We did a cast and crew screening of “Beast” yesterday. Tuesday (not really a change, but adding to the chaos) I’m hosting the Western Canadian Skeptical Smackdown. Thursday, Jodie and I move in together, and shortly thereafter I begin working from home on a permanent basis. As if that wasn’t enough – Vancouver itself is just over a month away from the Winter Olympic Games (which I’ll be writing about very soon) and our new home is crammed right down near ground zero of the games – about three blocks from GM Place.

By any measure it’s an exciting time and an opportunity to redefine aspects of my life. Indeed parts of it are redefining themselves whether I do anything more to help it along or not. I’m looking forward to having a gym handy, and to be able to cook in a spectacular kitchen on a regular basis. (It is so much easier to cook for two than one.)

On top of it all, I’m leaving things out. There are a handful of things – movie related things, not related directly to “Beast...” – that are on the boil. Indeed a few of them are HOT on the boil. I’ll definitely mention them here if/when I can. I just want to earmark this point in time – so that I can later connect back and say “See! See!!! That was a ridiculously transformative time in my life!”