Friday, April 01, 2005

From One Feeding Tube to Another...

Busy few days, coupled with a post that is proving to be quite a long time in the making...

Figured I'd weigh in on the combine Terri Schiavo and Pope John Paul II news.

Thank goodness that Terri's plight is over. I had a good laugh at Anne Coulter's position on it. Calling Michael Schiavo and adulterer who therefore has no right to a say in his wife's right to die is absurd.

OF COURSE HE FUCKED ANOTHER WOMAN! If he was fucking Terri - that would have been sick! Christ-almighty. Making that part of the argument is simply a desperate attempt to grab some semblance of a logical stand-point. But the logic is specious at best.
I will admit that the entire issue of the malpractice suit does grey things a bit. But the court has found in favour of him. Suck it up. Have some faith in your legal system - a system that is dominated by the RIGHT WING!


And now - just a day later - the Pope is laying on his death bed.

I find it amazing that if you go to any news-site on the web - or pick up any of this morning's papers - the death watch is front and centre.

The Pope has been close for years. I used to be in a Deadpool and practically EVERYONE picked the Pope (which reduced his worth in the pool in question). It's not like this is a big surprise.

It's not that I don't think his death is deservedly news. I just don't think his impending death is as big news as the world is making it.

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