Monday, April 18, 2005

The Enemy List - II

Okay, I take it back.

I thought I knew for certain who was next to go on the enemy list. But then I got up and read this article.

I'm certainly no gun-advocate, but it's not an issue I'm particularly hot on. Ted Nugent might have made the list - although until now I had a certain admiration for his outrageous panache - but this sealed it.

It's not so much the pro-gun message, but how it was signed sealed and delivered. That's fucking nuts. Well beyond the point where I might shake my head and say "Oh that Ted! He's such a character." Nope. Not a character. A fucking wing-nut.

I have the smallest of sympathies for the desire to be rid of "the bad guys." But the utter lack of recognition of the fallibility of due-diligence and the justice system is thoroughly without virtue. What if someone should mark YOU as a bad-guy, Ted? An 'enemy' of all that is right? Oh... I just did. Ka-fucking-blam! You're dead!

On a related note... how was "Cat-scratch Fever" ever a hit? Has anyone ever actually bothered to listen to the song? So lame.

Oh, and it would be unfair of me not to direct you right to the source... after all, it is supposed to be about knowing the enemy. Ted Nugent's Website.

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