Monday, September 27, 2010

Shit My Dad Says (the sitcom) Review

So I watched.  It was terrible.

They could have given us even better truth in advertizing and not bothered with last 75% of the title.  I know, that's an obvious and unoriginal joke, but you reap what you sow.

This afternoon I figured I'd see what reviews I could find on-line about the show.  I figured at least they'd be amusing.  Not so.  I could only find one review - linked to a million times.  (I'm not bothering linking to it again here, just do a search, you'll find it.)  So I figured I'd help fill that void.

The Twitter account was (frankly) more hype than hilarity.  The book is almost certainly going to remain unfinished and returned to the friend I borrowed it from.  And the show... well I've made my opinion clear and I severely doubt that this will be a case of me being in the minority. 

Casting Shatner seemed like a good move, and he delivers... as much as he can with such a tepid script.  The MadTV alumni oversell their parts and utterly fail to find any reality behind their choices - which is no way to do comedy.  And the "My" of the title is so completely humdrum and uninteresting that you have to wonder how bad the guy they fired was.

I almost laughed at one joke - not even a particularly good one, but at 20 minutes into the show I was getting desperate.  Shatner comments on "My" doing an impersonation of him.  Yeah.  Fucking brilliant.  I couldn't muster enough breath to actually make a fully voiced guffaw.  I guess I'd expended my full appetite to "meta" earlier on in the evening watching Dexter being calmly greeted by an all too obsequious funeral director.

I predict this one won't be on the air after (Canadian) Thanksgiving.