Friday, February 19, 2010

The Only Card in Vancouver

This occurred to me the other day, and watching the curling - the commercials, specifically - just now reminded me.

You may know that Visa is the official credit card of the 2010 Olympic games.  If you are watching the games, Morgan Freeman is reminding you every 20 minutes.

It really is the only card.  Not even debit is usable in olympic venues.  Even theATMs will only take Visa cash advances.  I grudgingly conceed the credit card sponsorship thing, but extending it right down to ATMs seems a bit extreme to me.  At least they still take cash, so planning will avoid the issue for anyone who feels the need to fight the power... mind you I suppose those sorts aren't going to the events anyhow.

Back to Morgan Freeman; that is the thought I had that I wanted to share....

Is it my imagination, or does the wording and phrasing at the end of the commercials seem to subtly imply that indeed there is no other card accepted in the city?

"The only card accepted at Vancouver [insert tiny enjambed pause] 2010 Olympic Games."*

It's that tiny pause and the eschewing of the gramatically obliged "the" that do it for me.  I know it's mostly imaginary, but now that I've heard it I can't not notice it.

*Despite my wrye comment about Morgan Freeman coming on every 20 minutes, it's not true & to make matters more difficult, there are other variations of the commercial.  It took me forever to be listening when the right one came on so I could fact check my quote.

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