Sunday, February 28, 2010

How's that "How's that 'own the podium' initiative working out, Canada?" snarkiness working out for you Brian?

The cherry on the cake.

And really, even without the cherry, it was pretty great cake.

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mattneale said...

You know, I always find it funny that a lot of Americans think the OTP is arrogant, over patriotic even. This coming from a country that pledges elegance to the flag every morning.
Doesn't every country have an initiative for it's champions? Isn't Russia giving lifetime salaries to their Gold Medal winners?
I for one, was glad to see them play. They put up a good game, a competitive fight and it was some of the best hockey I have ever seen. All of the sports were fantastic.

The tragedy, the triumph and the the love in the streets was something I remember for my entire life. I was there.

I hugged an American on the train, in a sea of Canadians who smiled as they chanted U.S.A! over and over again. We all smiled, we all laughed. We all had fun.

To the armchair critics who couldn't be bothered to be at the very event they were reporting your tongue when you kiss my polar cold ass cheek. It's the last thing I would want to see get stuck there.