Monday, February 15, 2010


A short one this time...

I admit that I leapt to my feet shouting victoriously when Alexandre Bilodeau won Canada it's first Olympic Gold on home soil, but a day later...

It's really nothing more than a Gold - cool and pride worthy as it is.  More than anything its a monkey off our national back.  I even felt pretty much inevitable that it would happen during these games - or is that just me?  Its good it happened early in the games so that one more level of pressure is off our athletes.

A couple of side bars:

It was almost as sweet to see that prick Dale Begg-Smith pout his Silver medal win.  What a knob.

As of this writing, we have four medals in three (still incomplete) days - which is roughly on track to tieing our biggest medal count.  That is slightly misleading as more medals get awarded later in the competition.

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