Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Un-precedented Political Progress in British Columbia? Too good to be true?

I can't imagine that this isn't a slam-dunk in the democratic process, but then again, I could not have concieved of a nation stupid enough to re-elect George W. Bush. Luckily I am not talking about the same nation.

The referendum that will be accompanying the B.C. election has all the markings of a no-brainer to me. So much so that I am actually a bit wary of it. All the literature I've found is SO persuasively written that it raises my suspicions. So, I've delved deeper - hunting out every fact which seems obfuscated... and all the information is easily accessible... and it all seems above the board... and rational and wise. Everything seems to say EXACTLY WHAT I WOULD WANT IT TO SAY! Yes, there is something almost too good to be true here.

It seems bizarre to me that the B.C. Liberal government, who has benefitted from the electoral system that is in place would push such an inclusive democratic process that could only serve to undermine their status and power. The only thing that makes any sense to me is that Senator Palpatine is waiting in the wings, letting us walk willfully into a trap that seems like an ideal political situation. WHAT AM I MISSING? Why isn't there a big movement to demonize the STV electoral system by the corporate entities that by all measures I can imagine only be hurt by the electoral reforms?

Well, until I can find evidence that contradicts the apparent circumstances, I stand as an advocate. We are only committed to it (if the referendum passes) for three elections (Yes, potentially 12 damaging years of our history - but NOT forever.)

The one element that I am most in favour of is the manner by which the new system was developed. The Citizens' Assembly. How progressive is that!? I've tried to find a hole in that process as well, and it too seems to be as above the board as can be. I hope that it is a big enough success that we as a Province will adopt it on other issues. Perhaps even convince other Provinces of it's value - even get it implemented Federally on select issues.

Further posts to come as my understanding develops and/or if more information arises.

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