Thursday, May 19, 2005

Political Triage over Political Harikari

Well, Damn.

STV was voted down.

I suspect that a public that was more aware of the issue would have voted in favour. Oh well.

But it was close - more than close, really.

Way more than 60% of the ridings voted in favour by a simple majority - requirement #1 met.
Over 57% of the total voting public voted in favour. Less than 3% shy of the 60% required.

Clearly a sizable majority of the province wants change. In fact it seems pretty clear that STV is acceptable to most or all - 60% majorities are intended to protect minorities, which in this particular referendum is an illogical concern as the STV system is designed to benefit minority opinion.

The government could push STV through without much flak as it stands. The voice of the province is pretty clear. But it's dubious that they would as it doesn't serve their power position much if at all. But ignoring it would be political suicide so they have to do SOMETHING.

Curious to see what and how.

The simplest answer would be to push it through - the process has been started, the mechanics of the system are worked out and the people are in favour by a demonstrable margin.

But probably deciding upon some sort of watered down electoral reform that the parties come up with that doesn't undermine their position as badly will be the answer - - and what kind of reform is that?

Another referendum, or another Citizens Assembly is probably too much effort and cost, and too scary to let go the control of their fate yet again.

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