Thursday, May 05, 2005

Oh Rats!

Lot's I want to talk about today. But It all came to my attention fairly late - too late for me to really get going on before I have to leave the office.

Number one: While I am an advocate of free speech, ANN COULTER is really beyond the pale. I don't think murder is a commendable political tool, but if she were to suddenly DROP DEAD. I would not consider it a bad thing. I honestly think that she is dangerous to the human race.

Her comments on global warming are fucking insane. If global warming is nothing but a possibly specious theory, which side of that theory do you think it's best for us to come own on? Possibly the one that DOESN'T leave the planet in ruin?

And leaving the UN and kicking it off of US Soil? Holy Christ. Yes. I think that it ought to be hosted by another country - one with it's head screwed on straight. But leave the UN? Let's see, why would you do that? So you can wreak havoc willy-nilly without having to answer to any other nation with no regard for any sort of national conscience?

Fucking cow.

I love how she is referred to as a "controversialist" on a regular basis by Matt Drudge (Second example). A 'controversialist' - as in her opinions (such as they are) are intentionally pitched in a manner as to stir the pot. It devalues their worth as a valid train of thought.

I think if you have an opinion, you should at least be expected to adhere to some semblence of fact - especially if you are going to hold those you criticize to the same standard.

I also have more to say about the BC-STV - and the detractors and what they are saying and what I have to say - both for and against that.

Perhaps tomorrow.

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