Thursday, January 18, 2007

Too Much Information - III

Well, fuck that.

I did some reading that criticized the cleanse. Add that to how lousy I felt doing it, and I decided it was time to eat again.

On the plus side. I did decide to wait out the caffinne withdrawl headaches - which largely have subsided now - and try to ditch coffee permanently.

So far, so good.

I used to not drink coffee at all. But, hanging out with friends who liked to hang out at what was Victoria's pre-eminent coffee house, Java, in the 90s, pushed me in that direction. I've never drank a lot of coffee, and even less in the past year or so as it has really started to keep me awake if I have any after say... NOON!

So it was simply time to drop it and this was a good springboard into that.

Better eating habits are also on the agenda. The photo is a rather embarrassing and hopefully not too optomisitc 'before' shot.

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