Monday, January 15, 2007

Too Much Information - II

Okay, this one isn't so bad as the last. Hardly at all.

Had a play reading last night. Totally crashed a few hours before.
I was just sitting there and suddenly I woke up - zoink!

Several other folk there had done this same cleanse. Good and encouraging feedback.

But holy shit, my head!
It started last night during the reading and has been a constant dull throb ever since.
Typically I'd take this as a sign that I should simply stop. Sounds like common sense to me. Isn't that what pain is for? To tell you when you're doing bad stuff to yourself, or when you are in trouble? If there is any doubt in your head, that is a rhetorical question. That IS what pain is for. That is why evolution came up with it, and judging by the actions of many lower creatures, right down the line, evolution came up with that trick really early. It's a good one. Arguably the most useful one. Can you imagine life without a sense of pain? Not such a cool thing, really. It may sound like a boon, but that's just an illusion. People without a sense of pain? We call them lepers. And I do mean real lepers, not figurative lepers like the guy in accounting who no one ever speaks to at the company Christmas party and if you did you'd soon find out that his idea of social interaction amounts to something called 'ganking' in the Boobracki Highlands of Wow... which I believe is a euphemism for compulsive masturbation to internet porn. Boy, am I off topic.

My head. Throbbing. Bad.

I've been told by the people who have done this before, as well as all the literature I've read, that this will stop, as will the hunger... which I haven't actually had a lot of. In the case of the head throb (and muscle ache - which is taking a back seat to the throb) that it's simply my body purging toxins and once it's done the worst of it, the pain will stop.

I skipped the salt-water flush this morning. I'll do it tomorrow and I'll try to be more diligent from here out, but I slept too late and had to rush to work. So much for the flush. I suspect that so long as I do keep it up regularly from here on out, that missing a single day is hardly going to be the end of the world. Two in a row, probably not a good idea. Hell I may even do it once I get home from work.

And although I'm not really that hungry, I sure am missing food. There were cookies and doritos at the read-through last night. I actually instinctively picked up some doritos - after telling myself in a quite strict tone of voice-in-my-head that I wasn't allowed to have any - and munched a few before I realised I had blown it. A small slip I figure. I'm betting it's pretty common.

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