Sunday, March 20, 2005

Let Terri Die

Imagine this.

You have control over any of your bodily functions. The best you can manage - with effort and concentration - is a twitch, perhaps even a trace of a smile or a frown.
You cannot speak or communicate in any significant manner apart from the smiles and frowns mentioned above.
You cannot feed yourself.
You cannot voluntarily turn your head to change the view. You cannot choose to open or close your eyes - if you could, you could learn to use morse code or a similar binary function to communicate.
You can't make it end.
What a scary place to be. What a useless place to be. What a boring place to be.
Imagine it goes on and on for fifteen years.

Terri Shiavo's Mother, Mary Schindler, expects the world to believe that Terri would prefer to be in this state.

What a load of shit.

For starters, I have severe doubts that Terri is cognizant enough to be able to register the living nightmare she is in. Her body is simply going on without her. And if she's not got the mental capacity left to understand that, then what is Mrs. Schindler holding onto? A lump of meat.

Either way, Mrs. Schindler has got to come to terms with her grief. Either she is holding on to a daughter who has long since gone by any realistic measure; or she is torturing her by keeping her trapped in a body no longer able to function. It's selfish. If she were answering herself honestly as to whether she would want to remain if the positions were reversed, her daughter would have left this world entirely years ago.

Possibly the most obscene element of this issue so far is the action of subpoenaing Terri, so that she had to be kept alive in order to testify in court. How utterly ridiculous. It is a despicable abuse of power. Terri can not, will not testify in court. It is disingenuous to keep her alive for such reasons. It is disgusting.

And any religious grounds for keeping her alive equally crumbles. If we hadn't the technology to keep her alive, Terri would have died when she had her heart attack 15 years ago. Out on the plains, she would have been wolf-food by nightfall.
"But what about babies? They can't feed themselves either." Don't bother. We were designed to be fed by our mothers until old enough to feed ourselves. If you're going to start arguing the Jesus-view, you're going to have to start with a stance of consistency if I'm going to give you an ounce of creedence.

Let her go. No sane person would want to live on like that. Terri said she would want to die if she were in that state. Honour that if you love your daughter. If you love your daughter, show some common sense, let her pain end.

As it stands, forcing the issue by putting the feeding tube back in on a technicality, is simply making it necessary for some one - probably her LEGAL GUARDIAN, her husband Michael - to pull a Million Dollar Baby and make a criminal of himself in the name of love.
A more righteous love than that of her Mother.

Not that her Mother doesn't love Terri. Her love has blinded her to the reality if Terri's horrific state.

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