Thursday, March 24, 2005

King Jeremy, the Wicked

While I don't think we as a nation should go out of our way to antagonize the U.S., I do think that we ought to take every opportunity to firmly state our national opinion.
Case in point. The majority of Canadians support Paul Martin's rejection of the Missile Defence treaty.
I think it's safe to say that the majority of Canadians oppose the war in Iraq. I suspect that the majority of Americans oppose it too, for that matter - despite the result of the 2004 Election.

To that end, I believe that we should be allowing Jeremy Hinzman refugee status. Open the door for other deserters to come here... it's not like we'd get a Vietnam level wave of draft dodgers as there is no draft.

Actually, no. I take it back. Send Jeremy back - it will be bad for him. But it will send a message to any other potential American refugees that they must stay put. We don't want them here.
Truly , they really would be welcome in my eyes, but we've got to keep them contained to where they can do the most benefit to the people of the world. If they are kept State-side then they will be forced to oppose their own government - a power they have by simple effort of democracy if nothing else. Americans can vote against their government, we cannot directly participate in the American democratic process. (As quaint as their last little experiment in democracy was.)
Jeremy may be a criminal at home, but he's taking one for the team. Acting as an example that will keep the counteractant of dissent firmly in place below the 49th parallel.

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