Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dirty Fridge Poetry

I'm sorting through all kinds of old papers.  (Far too much teen-angst poetry for my liking.)

I just uncovered something I have to share.  I think I'd have to say that this is NSFW - though there are no individual words that would offend anyone.

I don't even actually recall what this was for - maybe Theatre Under the Gun, perhaps one of The Stands, possibly an episode of 1000 Year Itch, or it could have been a Loose Cannons show.  (If anyone reading this happens to recall, please refresh my memory.)  I do recall that there was some need for an off-the-hook fridge poem.  Just about anyone who has been in my kitchen between 1999 and 2009 knows just how many fridge poetry words I have.  (They are not currently on my fridge, but they still exist.)  I do have a vague recollection of going home and playing with the magnetic words until I came up with something.  I can't even picture which kitchen/fridge it was that I sullied so.  I don't even recall if the original intent was to write something so pornographic.

The original page is pretty much one endless un-punctuated string of words.  I'm punctuating and spacing things for slightly easier reading.  Okay... here we go...

May I wear you like sweat? 
Smear your bed pie all over my naked animal apparatus as I explore  the steaming skin beach which lies above your blushing ocean.
Let me seep into the bitter perfumed peach and light the moistest of flowers ablaze with a feverish kiss of squirming pink.
I am drunk on the hot champagne of your luscious woman rain.
I will moan wild delirious music that pierces the liquid night when your sacred tongue meat poisons my screaming dirty lust candy, and a bath of juicy joy celebrates down those long icy fingers.
You think it felt like angel milk, playing a symphony on your hand.
Breathe the languid mist of our black velvet gardens.
Swim in a sea of a thousand arms and legs.
Your lathered love parts rusting beneath me.
Whisper when its time to change the TV.

Yes.  All those words are ones I have in my collection of fridge poetry magnets.

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