Saturday, June 21, 2008

Wicked Puzzle Solving Game... featuring Time Travel

My head is exploding.

I can't stop playing this game.

It's a really great brain twister that REALLY forces you to think ahead... well ahead.


Kelvin Watson said...

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Jedi School Drop Out said...

For those of you following along... the above comment is an example of the tactics I mention in my post about Affiliate Marketing. By adding the comment, they've extended the sites which link to theirs. I don't think a link in a comment adds up to much, but it helps that it's a relevant post.
And note the totally generic 'I came across your website and I am very impressed.' Whatever. This is a very unfocussed and run of the mill blog. I'm immune to this kind of ego stroking. But as it's the first comment I've recieved that illustrates a point of the AM post from months ago, they get to stay. The early bird catches the worm... or at least the least late bird.

I did mean to follow up that affiliate marketing post. I will I swear once I have more time to deal with it... this damned game is too distracting.