Friday, September 02, 2005

Big Easy needs a Big Squeegie

I'm betting that The Tragically Hip are already sick of fielding meaningless questions about their fifteen year old break through hit.

Speaking of The Hip: Checkout this site with a nifty weekly podcast: Hipbase

Here's a pretty crazy blog from the newly re-located Gulf of Mexico.

There's also a local band who possibly have to reconsider thier moniker: Hurricane Kitty. I just tried to do a search for their web-site - one of the girls in the band is a good friend (she lives upstairs AND is stage manager of my Fringe show) and she mentioned the web-site last night. Can I find it? Nope.

Okay, but what I really wanted to mention... not an original thought, but worth bringing up, cause it's impact ought to be widespread:
How many DC-10s and other transport planes do the U.S Armed Forces have outside of the continental States right now in Iraq and Afganistan et al? Just think of how the awesome logisitical might of that could have evacuated a LOT of people who are now floating face down in the streets of New Orleans. Or of how many troops, deployed in Louisiana instead of the Middle East at this very moment could be having a clear and positive effect in both keeping the peace... snipers... I can't fucking fathom it... it obviously must seem like the end of the world down there - not to mention the additional effect more man-power would give rescue efforts.

Fucking America. Home first, the world, later.

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