Sunday, June 05, 2005

Brilliant Black on Creation

Just found this quote from an interview with Frank Black on

I think it is an excellent comment on the nature of the creative process and a spectacular smack-down of an anus-level comment.

GN: You used the bridge section from the original version of "Subbacultcha" to make a whole new song on Trompe Le Monde. That kinda strikes me as cheating, were you running out of ideas towards the end?
FB: Why is that cheating? I can do whatever I want with my own songs for corn's sake. The "original" version as you say is the one that got published on Trompe Le Monde. What you hear on the purple tape (released this past July) is a previously unpublished version of the song. If you feel cheated beause you purchased two songs of mine that happen to feature an overlapped chorus (not a bridge) then feel free to patronize another artist. As far as running out if ideas is concerned, that's for you, my darling critic, to decide on your own.

You tell 'em Charles - I mean Frank. Of course, in the same interview he indicated that the only chance of a Pixies reunion would be if it happened on the Moon. I suppose Winnipeg is similar.

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