Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Bob's a Knob

Bob Geldof's auto-biography was "Is that it?" Right now, I think many Canadians are wishing that it was.

I respect what he did in the past for famine relief. I respect that he's doing it again - by now everyone has forgotten just how 'drop in the bucket' Live Aid really was - so it's time for another drop, just to raise awareness.

The point he was making about Prime Minster Martin was absolutely correct. Canada is offering a fairly paltry relief package. But... what is he accomplishing by calling out the PM? Good job Bob, alienate Canadians and have us less interested as a group to support relief efforts.

The call to boycott Live 8 is out. Will we listen? Part of me hopes we do, but at what cost?

Well done Bob.

You knob.

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