Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Pleasant Surprise from Vista

This is pretty much a pointless little celebration.

I just discovered that Vista will allow me to write a blog post in word and then it will automatically post it. I know I am only moderately 2.0 literate, but this one just boggles my mind. How perfect! No more of that crappy writing online and then losing the post in a browser refresh! Not that I've never lost anything on my computer – though the stability of Windows is far better than it once was. I can't recall the last time I lost a document to a failure to save on time. But on line... Grrrrr. I probably lost my initial will to blog to the too common loss of postings when writing on line. I did eventually learn to write in a word doc and then transfer it... I even have a file on my desktop titled 'Blog to Post' which is the file I save my latest post to on a rotating basis. But this discovery... wee haw!

I'll still have to learn how to add pictures and tags, but this strikes me as a personal revolution.

HEY LOOK! A PICTURE! A RANDOM ONE JODIE TOOK A FEW MONTHS AGO. Okay, now to figure out how to tag...

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Shawn Petriw said...

I'm sorry you have to use Vista. New Mac notebooks are being launched October 14.