Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I meant to blog about this already.

A few weeks back I made a facetious comment about not having a Wikipedia entry. Well, someone was listening. (Thanks Lisa!)

So now I DO have my own Wikipedia entry.

While it is almost entirely plagarized from the Provost Pictures website, it has since been formatted (which I believe is called 'wikifying') and looks like a real-ish Wiki entry.

It still needs some work as far as Wikipedia is concerned - there's notices at the top about how it's incomplete. Officially I can't do it myself - though I don't know what is actually stopping me.

I'm figuring it won't last long though. Someone mentioned a newspaper article written by a New York Times (possibly the most famous newspaper on the planet, almost certainly the most read) reporter who was surprised to find that the entry on himself had been removed because he 'was not famous enough.' The New York frikken Times! Like I've got cigarette's chance at an A.A. meeting. So if you feel inspired to 'fix' the article - don't!

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