Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Just Say "No" to American Defense

I suppose I can see the other side's P.O.V. - they don't really care to get blown to holy-fuck. But, really - that is my P.O.V. too.

The further we can distance ourselves from the U.S. the better. If we willfully say "No, we don't want to be part of your missile defense plan" I think that there's a reasonable chance that we will be seen to be actively distancing ourselves from them and their wicked government's ways, and that we'll simply be left alone.

I admit that there are some easy to argue elements to that position, but really, I want to live in the country that has the balls to take the chance - the country that believes that there is a better way.

C'mon P.M. the P.M. we made one bold stand, lets do it again. I know you've got a minority government and that things are shaky on that ground. I can tell you this. I didn't vote Liberal last election, I'm not likely to vote Liberal next election. If we go in cahoots with the U.S. on missile defense, my chances of voting Liberal dwindle to next to nothing. If Canada refuses to be a part of the Missile Defense Shield, I will regain a significant amount of faith in Liberals... may even consider floating my electoral support that way... not that a vote for the Federal Liberals counts for much in B.C.

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